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Solutions for Business and Industry

VoiceShield Satellite

Gives you control of your incoming calls when unexpected outages occur.

Using Satellite, VoIP or Cloud services, you can mimic your existing phone system, handle calls with advanced PBX features then terminate calls among available people, devices, locations, voice mail, recorded messages.  Your cloud-controlled backup phone system.

Voice Cast

Mass notification platform to manage message delivery and response.

Deliver your message to hundreds or thousands of recipients via text, email, and voice, while also managing the influx of communications triggered by a broadcast message through hotlines and state-of-the-art call routing technology. Only the key functions you need at a very low price.


Gives you control of your incoming calls when unexpected outages occur.

When serious conversations need to happen, whether during normal business situations or emergencies, the typical conference bridge setup always seems to have complications. Teleira Conferencing allows for simple drag and drop setup and eliminates the dial-in numbers and codes that can cause delays and confusion

VoiceShield Cloud

Most basic way to control incoming calls during an unexpected outage

The most basic configuration of VoiceShield involves no additional premise  equipment. Calls managed by the VoiceShield Cloud can be delivered to cell phones or other locations. All VoiceShield configurations eventually fall back to the Cloud.

Solutions for Public Safety and Emergency Services


Ensures the survivability of critical voice communications at Public Safety Answering Points.

Control physically diverse redundant network facilities to transparently deliver inbound and outbound telecommunications through existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and additionally to alternate locations or Mobile Command Units. R911 combines satellite, Internet, and cloud-based technologies into a fault tolerant solution that complements, expands and enhances your Emergency Operations Plan.


Eliminate isolation from regional PSAP Operations.

Restore mission-critical voice communications and data services for law enforcement, other public safety responders, public works and key civic personnel in your local community. Achieved using surviving Internet connectivity or satellite, where there is no terrestrial communications infrastructure or where the existing infrastructure has been compromised or damaged.

Professional Support Services

  • Outage Support – 24 X 7 X 365 access number with rapid response.
  • Subscription based license agreement, no cost updates/upgrades.
  • Complex telecom system design and consulting.
  • Compliance Assistance – Some industries, clients or director boards require specific disaster plans. We can help ensure that your plan meets your specific requirements and provide hard copies for compliance purposes.