Now Introducing Mezello!

State of the art mass notification... But it's affordable! We set out to create something special. Something simple, affordable, fast and effective. This is how Mezello was born! We took all of the things people said they loved about the biggest notification providers, cut out the unnecessary clutter, and made it budget friendly! 

"One of the beauties of Mezello is the mapping tool. I don't have to worry about what addresses and zip codes are in the right area... I just circle a spot on the map and click send."

John Gifford
VP of Sales


Putting your people first shouldn't break your bank. We offer all of the best features at the lowest prices because we care about your people as much as you do.

The Least Complicated Solution

We put the effort in to simplify our solution so that you wont have to put in the effort to learn it.

Effective. Efficient. Reliable

Mezello is created by Teleira, an industry leader in resiliency and continuity. Trusted technology and a team of experts are there to make sure it's always working.

Easy Tracking

Keep track of responses, messages, receipts etc. all in a simple and user friendly interface

Your one stop shop for business messaging

We help you keep your people safe and informed by giving you the Mezello umbrella. You can send unique alerts to individuals, teams and departments, or you can send one mass notification to the whole organization. For us, it's all about being prepared for anything. Mezello lets you communicate and keep track of responses. With things like the mapping feature, you can easily choose who will get your messages and who will not. We keep it SIMPLE! But effective! Schedule a free demo today!